Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was an odd one for me, I have had a cold and cough for over two weeks and late Christmas eve became very ill. Christmas morning I huddled on the couch while Brian and the girls unwrapped presents, I missed them opening a few as I was down the hall in the bathroom throwing up for the 4th time. I was tired, weak, had a fever and chills... I felt like I missed out on the big day. Plus we had to postpone the Dorsey's Christmas dinner that was to be at our house that night.

The next day I still felt bad and Brian took me to the urgent care, I was sure it was the famous " H1N1 flu, but nope I have pneumonia. It's New Years Eve today and we had the Dorsey dinner last night and it was a very nice time and we had our Christmas dinner with my parents on Monday so I am starting to feel like I got a bit of Christmas back, just a few days late. The girls enjoyed it all and both got the wheelbarrow and leapster they asked Santa to bring.

Onto the New Year... what am I hoping for this year... 2009 was a nice year for us, so more of the same would be wonderful, a healthy family, friends to make us smile and enough to provide for our family. I am ready to ring in the new year... Happy 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa's Visit

We went to the mall last night to see Santa and we did not pick the best night. It was dog night so more than half of the line were people bringing their dog to see Santa. Most the dogs were cute but we did see several poop and I had to sign a release even though we did not have a dog with us. She said it was just in case we were bit or had allergies from Santa's "dog" suit. Oh goodness... I though about coming back another time but the day before we had tried to see Santa... we got in line and after 10 minutes we were told Santa would be leaving soon to feed his reindeer... ugghh! We just have bad timing this year for Santa, next year we will visit him early like we usually do.

Anyway, as we got in line Anna said she did not want to see him, I asked her to do one photo for me and that she needed to tell Santa what she wanted. As we got closer she got more excited, I think Amelia helped with this because she was saying... look Mama, there he is, there is Santa... Amelia was very excited to see him. Anna acted fine until it was our turn, Amelia jumped into Santa's lap and Anna hid behind Brian's legs. I told her I would go up with her and that she did not have to sit on his lap.

So... the photo shows how close she would get... she did tell him what she wanted and she was super excited after we saw him. I think she was glad she told him what she wanted.... a wheelbarrow.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowmen heads

I saw this idea online and thought it was so cute. I made/assembled them for the Daisy Troop caroling party and for Anna's school party, it is a powdered donut with a candy corn nose and I used a small tube of icing for the eyes and mouth. They were a big hit and so easy to make! Perfect with a cup of hot coco!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I was asked to make a Zamboni pillow, a Christmas request for a boy who LOVES Zamboni machines. I did the whole thing with hand embroidery, it took me awhile, but I like the clean and classic feel it has... I hope he likes it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Star Wars Concertt

Last week Brian and I attended the Star Wars concert. We got there a little early to see the "special" exhibits, which were a bit disappointing, we both thought there would be a lot more items. Plus, I wish they were up a little higher, it was hard to see around the crowds of people. Speaking of crowds... at one point we were walking around the arena to get to our seat section and it was so crowded that no one was moving. It was wall to wall people, squeezed in tight and we were not moving at all! I wanted to scream... MOVE... so badly. I finally squeezed us through pulling Brian behind me.

The show was great, I give it a A, but I would have like the music to be a bit louder. Our friends were sitting in another section and they had to hold their ears. So I guess it depended on where you sat. The orchestra always amazes me since I never learned to play an instrument, I think I would like to play the violin or the Cello?

Brian loved it and he would give it an A+, my Star Wars nerd was a happy camper!

note: I call Brian a SW nerd all in good fun... at least he did not dress up in a costume.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Igloo

It's finally done... it took about 300 milk jugs, lots of hot glue and one can of expanding foam.

My girls having fun playing house in it... priceless!

I want to give a big thank you to all our friends and family who saved their milk jugs for us! We couldn't have built it without your help!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Candy Cane Mice

My Daisy Scouts made these fun candy cane mice for a local nursing home as tray favors. It is our first troop service project. They turned out so cute, I love the one with glasses made by a girl with glasses.

Here is a link to the pattern I found online.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The stale marshmallow project

We had a bag of stale marshmallows so we got crafty with them.
I think these turned out pretty cool and kept the girls busy for awhile.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Igloo - almost done but we need more jugs!

So I guess I needed more than 250 milk jugs or I just made it too big. I think I need about 30 more to finish. I am sending Brian out to search the neighbor's recycle bins tonight, I hope no ones calls the cops on him. Then we might hit the Kirkwood recycle center this week...
this will get done by the Dec 15th!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Disney World

I've been away to Disney World, we took the girls on their first trip. My parents, Brother and his wife Helen joined up for this week long tour of all 4 parks. It was a lot of walking but we enjoyed it all, the girls held up great, thank goodness we brought a stroller. We had a few meltdowns, mostly Amelia over souvenirs, so many things to choose from.

One of my favorite things we did was dinner in the castle followed by the fireworks. The castle was decorated with thousands of Christmas light and it looked so pretty!!! Amelia loved the castle and really enjoyed seeing the inside.

We saw so many characters, we got photos with 29 of them, the girls were the perfect age and loved to see them all. Amelia would run back to me saying they hugged or kisses her, she was so happy!

It was a jam packed week and I needed a day off from the trip, there is just so much to see, we didn't want to miss anything and I don't think we did.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009


Still working on the igloo, it is about chest high right now, but I need more milk jugs!

Caps ready to be spray painted silver.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Barbie Clothes

I made these 5 Barbie dress for Anna's birthday. The dresses you buy from the store are expensive and made of cheap fabric and falls apart so quickly! So I found a pattern online and made these using material I already had and old clothing. I love them and so does Anna, the red one is her favorite.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amelia's Art - Pops & Mama

Amelia drew this picture of me and Brian back in May...
I love kids drawings!

Friday, November 13, 2009

First Lost Tooth

Amelia lost her first tooth the night before Halloween, it had been wiggling all week and a few times she got upset about it. I think she just did not know what to expect and that scared her a bit. I was sitting on the couch when she said, "look what I have" and held out her hand. The tooth was so very tiny!

She was so excited, I made her this tooth fairy pillow and she put the tooth in it. The next morning the tooth fairy had left a confetti trail from the window to Amelia's bed and she found $5 in the pillow. I heard from Amelia that is what her friends at school get... I guess that is going rate for a tooth.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What can you make with 250 milk jugs?

So Brian thought I was bananas when I said I wanted to build an igloo out of 250+ milk jugs. I reminded him that we were both artist and we should be doing fun and wacky things like this. Plus, I really thought the girls would have fun building it with me and what a great memory they would have... I picture 20 years from now..."remember the year Mom built a igloo with milk jugs".

I am building it in the basement in three sections so we can move it to the front yard in December. The girls are already so excited.... Oh, it's going to be so cool!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kaper People

My Daisy girls made these Kaper people for our helper chart. I love to see how each girl creates, each one is so different, letters are backwards, etc... nothing is perfect, which really makes them perfect. I love it!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Memory Monday - Aunt "Flow"

I remember having the "period" talk with my Mom, we sat on her bed and she showed me these two cute little books from the fifties. I was fascinated with the books and referred to them often.

I remember the first year having periods and always wearing a jacket around my waist worried some boy would see something... and oh the fear of a leak at school... terrifying!

I remember one day my mom came home from the store with some maxi pads for me. I grabbed it, hid it under my arm and ran upstairs to put it in the bathroom. My younger brother was at my heals asking me what I had. I kept saying nothing and he said no you have candy. I really wished it was candy!

I remember having my 12th birthday sleepover party at my house with some friends and my cousin Shannon. We were all taking about periods and Shannon being 4 years younger had no clue what we were talking about so we explaied it to her. Well, I guess we scared her, my Aunt called my Mom and my Mom came to me asking why we told her about that. We didn't plan to tell her it just happened. I always felt bad that we forced my Aunt to explain "it" earlier than I'm sure she wanted.

I also remember the first time my Mom sent me to the grocery store with my Dad to buy some pads since we were out. Dad handed me some money and waited in the car. I came back and he asked for the change, I told him there was none and he said, "How much are those things"! I sunk into my seat totally embarrassed! He didn't know that luckily I had some change in my purse to cover the whole bill since he had not given me enough money.

As you can see I have saved the books, it's a little outdated but I love the illustrations and will show them to the girls someday.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna

My spunky little Anna turned 4 today, oh where did the time go... the past few months she has really seemed to grow up fast!

Favorite color: red & pink
Favorite toy: Bella, stuffed sheep
Favorite book: Lady bug book
Favorite game: Gnu, word game
Best friend: Sarah & Maura
Favorite food: Hamburgers
Favorite birthday gift: Bendaroos, Hercules movie & jewelry box

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love Birds

I made these two wedding love birds for my Aunt and her new husband. I was quite happy with how they turned out that I have listed them on etsy as a custom order item.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I can't stop staring

Do you ever just stare at your kids and see the light in their eyes, they are so beautiful. I am still amazed these marvelous humans came out of my body, did that really happen... this world is a crazy, wonderful and magical place.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ghost Bowling

We made this ghost bowling game for Anna's Birthday party, I got the idea from one of the kindergarten Moms. It is white fabric covering 2 liter soda bottles and an old soft ball wrapped up like a mummy. The kids had fun knocking them over. It's an easy & cute up-cycle project that cost me nothing but a little hot glue!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Memory Monday - Halloween

Me as Raggedy Ann and Brent as Robin with our homemade scarecrow. I think I was maybe 7 years old. I remember this wig, I wore it a lot when playing dress up.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fancy or Old

Amelia has been reading the Fancy Nancy books and it gave her this idea:

Brian and I both received a hand written invitation to Amelia's Fancy class. We entered her room to this set up. Then she went through each item telling us they are "Fancy" or "Old" as she had labeled them all by herself.

Tink is Fancy!

Poor little doggy is "Old". I wonder how I would be labeled... I don't want to know... I guess if I have my high heels and jewelry on she would give me a Fancy label.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Robot Feature

I was excited when the new magazine from Australia called "Shop Girl" asked if they could feature one of my robots! Here it is, how fun, my first handmade etsy item in print!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Memory Monday - Jeanne's Wedding

I think I was 6 in this photo at my Aunt Jeanne's first wedding in 1977. Brent was 4. I don't remember much from that day except for the puppets she gave us for being in her wedding. I still have mine and my girls love to play with it. My Mom still has this dress and it might fit Amelia now.

It took Jeanne a long time before she started to date again but I think it was worth the wait, she found a great man that makes her smile!

We enjoyed the evening, the balloons were a huge hit with the kids and made the room look magical.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alien bites

Isn't it cute how little kids eat... they close their eyes and take big bites. They chomp, gulp, lick their fingers and love to blow bubbles in the milk. Try taking a bite of food with your eyes closed,
it's such an alien feeling.
Oh, to be young again... with no cares in the world.

Monday, October 12, 2009

University City Lion - The Auction

Saturday night Brian & I went to University City Hall for the 100 Year Celebration and Lion Auction. I enjoyed meeting all the people, many Brian knew, a teacher from high school, an old employer, parents of kids he hung out with during his high school years. The U City Hall building is so beautiful, if you can stop in sometime. It features marble, carved wood, a grand staircase, and a the 5 th floor is amazing, like a ballroom. It makes me sad to think something that beautiful could never be build nowadays because the cost would be sky high.

The auction began with my lion and someone stood up and told how kids from the library had been raising money with bake sales, etc. to bid on my lion! They made the first bid at $3550, the auctioneer asked if anyone wanted to bid against the cute kids from the library. Everyone laughed and shook their heads no. It was great!

They auctioned off the other lions: $800, $2100, $1700, $2200, $600, $1100. My lion made the most... I was so proud and excited that my lion will have a permanent home inside the library. It's a perfect home for him and it will be great to take the girls for a visit.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Brentwood 5K run/walk

Recently we did the Brentwood 5K run/walk. Well... really we just did the 1 mile walk just as we have done the past 5 years. I am a sponsor for the walk and designed the logo. The girls look a bit tired in the photo since we woke them up early for the 7:30 walk. This year Amelia wanted to run... I hate running... and she wanted me to run with her. So we ran a bit then walked a bit... did I say I hate running! But I didn't complain to her, she had so much fun and who knows maybe I have a future track star?