Friday, November 13, 2009

First Lost Tooth

Amelia lost her first tooth the night before Halloween, it had been wiggling all week and a few times she got upset about it. I think she just did not know what to expect and that scared her a bit. I was sitting on the couch when she said, "look what I have" and held out her hand. The tooth was so very tiny!

She was so excited, I made her this tooth fairy pillow and she put the tooth in it. The next morning the tooth fairy had left a confetti trail from the window to Amelia's bed and she found $5 in the pillow. I heard from Amelia that is what her friends at school get... I guess that is going rate for a tooth.


Kelly said...

I love it! The zipper mouth is great. Amelia looks super cute with her missing tooth, by the way. It's nice that Dominick isn't the only one anymore, with so many kindergarten friends losing their first teeth.

Anonymous said...

The going rate for a tooth is pretty good! ;) I love the pillow, it's very cute. It's a great idea for taking the scariness out of losing a tooth.

Annette said...

Great tooth pillow with the zipper mouth! The tooth fairy is really good to kids these days!