Monday, October 12, 2009

University City Lion - The Auction

Saturday night Brian & I went to University City Hall for the 100 Year Celebration and Lion Auction. I enjoyed meeting all the people, many Brian knew, a teacher from high school, an old employer, parents of kids he hung out with during his high school years. The U City Hall building is so beautiful, if you can stop in sometime. It features marble, carved wood, a grand staircase, and a the 5 th floor is amazing, like a ballroom. It makes me sad to think something that beautiful could never be build nowadays because the cost would be sky high.

The auction began with my lion and someone stood up and told how kids from the library had been raising money with bake sales, etc. to bid on my lion! They made the first bid at $3550, the auctioneer asked if anyone wanted to bid against the cute kids from the library. Everyone laughed and shook their heads no. It was great!

They auctioned off the other lions: $800, $2100, $1700, $2200, $600, $1100. My lion made the most... I was so proud and excited that my lion will have a permanent home inside the library. It's a perfect home for him and it will be great to take the girls for a visit.

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JollyJennifer said...

Congratulations! It looks great :D