Friday, December 18, 2009

Star Wars Concertt

Last week Brian and I attended the Star Wars concert. We got there a little early to see the "special" exhibits, which were a bit disappointing, we both thought there would be a lot more items. Plus, I wish they were up a little higher, it was hard to see around the crowds of people. Speaking of crowds... at one point we were walking around the arena to get to our seat section and it was so crowded that no one was moving. It was wall to wall people, squeezed in tight and we were not moving at all! I wanted to scream... MOVE... so badly. I finally squeezed us through pulling Brian behind me.

The show was great, I give it a A, but I would have like the music to be a bit louder. Our friends were sitting in another section and they had to hold their ears. So I guess it depended on where you sat. The orchestra always amazes me since I never learned to play an instrument, I think I would like to play the violin or the Cello?

Brian loved it and he would give it an A+, my Star Wars nerd was a happy camper!

note: I call Brian a SW nerd all in good fun... at least he did not dress up in a costume.

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