Monday, November 9, 2009

Memory Monday - Aunt "Flow"

I remember having the "period" talk with my Mom, we sat on her bed and she showed me these two cute little books from the fifties. I was fascinated with the books and referred to them often.

I remember the first year having periods and always wearing a jacket around my waist worried some boy would see something... and oh the fear of a leak at school... terrifying!

I remember one day my mom came home from the store with some maxi pads for me. I grabbed it, hid it under my arm and ran upstairs to put it in the bathroom. My younger brother was at my heals asking me what I had. I kept saying nothing and he said no you have candy. I really wished it was candy!

I remember having my 12th birthday sleepover party at my house with some friends and my cousin Shannon. We were all taking about periods and Shannon being 4 years younger had no clue what we were talking about so we explaied it to her. Well, I guess we scared her, my Aunt called my Mom and my Mom came to me asking why we told her about that. We didn't plan to tell her it just happened. I always felt bad that we forced my Aunt to explain "it" earlier than I'm sure she wanted.

I also remember the first time my Mom sent me to the grocery store with my Dad to buy some pads since we were out. Dad handed me some money and waited in the car. I came back and he asked for the change, I told him there was none and he said, "How much are those things"! I sunk into my seat totally embarrassed! He didn't know that luckily I had some change in my purse to cover the whole bill since he had not given me enough money.

As you can see I have saved the books, it's a little outdated but I love the illustrations and will show them to the girls someday.

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