Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa's Visit

We went to the mall last night to see Santa and we did not pick the best night. It was dog night so more than half of the line were people bringing their dog to see Santa. Most the dogs were cute but we did see several poop and I had to sign a release even though we did not have a dog with us. She said it was just in case we were bit or had allergies from Santa's "dog" suit. Oh goodness... I though about coming back another time but the day before we had tried to see Santa... we got in line and after 10 minutes we were told Santa would be leaving soon to feed his reindeer... ugghh! We just have bad timing this year for Santa, next year we will visit him early like we usually do.

Anyway, as we got in line Anna said she did not want to see him, I asked her to do one photo for me and that she needed to tell Santa what she wanted. As we got closer she got more excited, I think Amelia helped with this because she was saying... look Mama, there he is, there is Santa... Amelia was very excited to see him. Anna acted fine until it was our turn, Amelia jumped into Santa's lap and Anna hid behind Brian's legs. I told her I would go up with her and that she did not have to sit on his lap.

So... the photo shows how close she would get... she did tell him what she wanted and she was super excited after we saw him. I think she was glad she told him what she wanted.... a wheelbarrow.

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