Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was an odd one for me, I have had a cold and cough for over two weeks and late Christmas eve became very ill. Christmas morning I huddled on the couch while Brian and the girls unwrapped presents, I missed them opening a few as I was down the hall in the bathroom throwing up for the 4th time. I was tired, weak, had a fever and chills... I felt like I missed out on the big day. Plus we had to postpone the Dorsey's Christmas dinner that was to be at our house that night.

The next day I still felt bad and Brian took me to the urgent care, I was sure it was the famous " H1N1 flu, but nope I have pneumonia. It's New Years Eve today and we had the Dorsey dinner last night and it was a very nice time and we had our Christmas dinner with my parents on Monday so I am starting to feel like I got a bit of Christmas back, just a few days late. The girls enjoyed it all and both got the wheelbarrow and leapster they asked Santa to bring.

Onto the New Year... what am I hoping for this year... 2009 was a nice year for us, so more of the same would be wonderful, a healthy family, friends to make us smile and enough to provide for our family. I am ready to ring in the new year... Happy 2010!

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