Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Go Type - a new etsy shop

   I opened another etsy shop, in my free time... yes I'm crazy!  

But I'm also excited to launch this new shop with instant downloadable prints... it's so easy. 

4 easy steps:
1. Purchase
2. Download
3. Print
4. Display

There are lots of prints to choose from and I am adding new prints weekly, so check back often!

Click here to visit my shop:  Happy Go Type

Monday, September 22, 2014

Laughing Amelia

My husband Brian posted this video of Amelia for me (now age 10). It made my day!!! This is one of my favorite memories of the girls as babies, the darling giggles.

It makes my heart smile.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Green beans and throw up

Girl Scouts April Showers bag drop off.

Scene: Dinner Table (Anna age 8)

Anna: If I eat this green bean and throw up can I not eat the other 9?

Tracy: Sure, if you REALLY throw up all of the food in your stomach. But gaging on a green bean does not count.

The odds were with me for this bet... Anna is good at gaging on her veggies, but has never thrown up while eating them.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Anna's List for Santa

Anna finally decided to write a list for Santa, up until now she did not have any ideas of what she wanted.

In case you can not read the above writing...

Christmas list for Anna
really want
-American girl stuff
-cool movie
-make me fly

want so so badly
Do you know that polly car that we used to play with but Broke? 
I want it so so so badly!

Did you notice the "make me fly"? What am I to do with that request? I guess she figures Santa hands out magic super powers? At least I think we can find a polly pocket car!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saint Nick 2014

Last week Saint Nick came to our house. At our house Saint Nick is Santa's helper, he plays several roles:

Mailman: you leave him your letter to be delivered to Santa
Stork: he drops of the elf on the shelf
Santa: he leaves little trinkets and treats (this year he gave holiday socks, tree shaped cakes, and a mystery lego figure)

Above is Amelia's note to Santa, this is the short version, she has another LONG list also. Where as Anna has not asked for one thing. I keep asking her what she wants and she says I don't know. It's odd to have them both on extreme ends of the spectrum.

Not sure why Amelia wanted a fat elf, we get a new elf every year and maybe she wanted to mix it up? Before the elf on the shelf was popular I already collected the vintage knee hugger elfs. So as an extra reason to add to my collection Saint Nick brings us a new one each year. This year they named him "Little Wittle". Now the elf antics can begin!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Anna - the great 8!

My little spunky monkey has turned 8 today! She is loving, a smarty pants and a giggle bunny all rolled into one.

Loving: She loves to give Brian and I hugs, everyday when we leave for work or school we get wonderful hugs to start our day.

Smarty pants: She likes to get her way and when she doesn't she shuts down pretty fast. She usually curls into a ball and pouts on the couch. She is very stubborn, friends or family can't convince her to do anything she does not want to. This might be a good or bad thing in the future.

Giggle bunny: Anna loves to laugh, from tickles, movies or fun silliness with her big sister. The other day she came out of school with this drawing on her hand, she told me she drew it on her hand to remind her to be happy. Oh, I just love that!

Here is a list of her favorite things right now 11/1/13. 

Color: Orange
Book: Fairy Berry Bake off
Show: Amazing world of Gumball
Movie: Ichabod and Mr. Toad
Animal: Rooster and Chickens
Dinner: Butter Noodles and Cheese Fondue
To do with Mama: make crafts and play games
To do with Pops: jump hugs
Toy: Stuffed Animal "Bella" the lamb

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Girl Scouts SWAP - Bow and Arrow - How To Video

My troop made this SWAP a year ago when we did archery for the first time.

These SWAPS are so cute and super easy to make. Check out my youtube video with step-by-step instructions on how to make these fun bow and arrow SWAPS.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our 14 hour car ride to Williamsburg, VA

This summer we drove the farthest we have ever gone with the girls. Our vacation was in Williamsburg, VA which is 14 hours from St. Louis, MO. We decided to stop overnight both ways to break up the trip. I knew the girls would be watching several movies on this long trip but I wanted to have some fun breaks from the DVD player.  I looked around for some fun ideas to keep the girls busy for the long trip there and back. 
click to enlarge photo
First to combat the dreaded, "are we there yet" question I made a map charting our way there. We had a little monkey pin that the girls got to take turns moving along the route. It helped us all know just where we were and how far we had to go, so that question was never asked.

 On our last car trip we played the licence plate game with a scratch piece of paper making a list. This time I printed out a map for each girls to color in or cross off as we saw the licence plates. I really liked this because it also helps with learning all the states.
I found this idea on pinterest. Make copies of your families heads, slip them into plastic sleeves and let the kids draw the bodies, hats, etc.... or bat wings as Amelia drew onto our dog Groucho. This was a lot of fun, we all got a few good laughs from this activity. I also liked that it doesn't take up much room and because we used dry eraser markers they can be reused over and over. I found the idea here on this blog: All For The Boys

I also a bought a few new coloring books to help keep them busy and the snack box was also a big hit. Overall our trip there and back went very well with the girls. Brian and I now know we can all survive the super long car trip. The question now is... where to go next year?