Friday, August 31, 2012


Growing up I went to Girl Scout camp many times, I even worked at camp one summer at age 16 as a lifeguard. I always loved the all camp fire at the end of every week. It was always a bit emotional as we said good-bye to our new friends and good times at camp.

There are several songs that I remember and feel a bit melancholy about.
Below are the words to one of my favorite songs...


There’s a boy and a girl in a little canoe,
with the moon shining all around

they paddled and paddled slow,
you couldn't hear a sound

So, they talked and they talked, 'til the moon grew dim

He said, "You better kiss me or get out and swim!"

So, whatcha gonna do in a little canoe,
with the moon shining all a-
girl paddlin’ all a-
boy swimming all around?

Smart girl!

Need more Girl Scout song ideas? Below is a link to a PDF I that created with Brownie songs. I'm happy to share these with you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Climb that tree

There is one special tree in Blackburn Park that all the kids LOVE to climb.

So many limbs makes it easy and fun... 
it reminds me of the giving tree and I really think this tree smiles when the kids sit up high in it's branches.

What is better than a kid in a tree?  Two kids in a tree!

Thank you Mr. Tree!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Performance Camp

This summer the girls did a performance camp and they loved it!

Amelia played a robber and Anna was her sidekick a cameleon.

At the end of the week the parents all came to watch the play. Since it was written and produced totally by the kids you can imagine how rough the play was. Think backyard play you put on with your neighbor friends. 

But the most important thing happened... all the kids had a great time and it showed! From building and painting the props, making costume and just running around outside all day, it was a fun camp... and that's what summer is all about... using your imagination and having fun!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

That Voice

I am a BIG fan of the podcast "This American Life". I look forward to each new episode every week and I get annoyed when it's a repeat. Last week a long time contributor of TAL died and they had an episode all about him. I had listen to this man speak for a few years now and realized as I listened to his rhymed stories that I had never see a picture of him.

So you guessed it,  I googled David Rakoff... and I was a bit taken back. For some reason he is not what I pictured, and now that I have seen him I could not really describe what I thought he might have looked like... but this was not it. As I listen to the end of the podcast I am having some sort of disconnect with his voice and the pictures spread across google. He seems more real now, not this fictional character of a voice full of cold emotion and wit.

Have you ever had that feeling? Like someone doesn't match their name or their spouse, the odd feeling like something is just not right.

RIP David Rakoff... I'll miss your cleaver, sharp and sometime dark humor about life.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Meet Patrick

Meet Patrick... no I did not cut him out of the picture... see that cardboard tube right in the middle of the photo. That's Patrick! He is my daughter's newest friend and they treat him like he is alive.

How did Patrick come to us, you would guess that one of my girls drew his face. But no, last week the girls went to performance camp and on the last day one of the other kids (who made him) gave him to Anna. Ever since then he has joined us at Grammy's pool, the dinner table and he has a special bed to sleep in. Watching TV, reading books, playing in the backyard... Patrick is there!

All I hear is Patrick this and Patrick that... their imagination cracks me up! Who needs fancy dolls or toys when a cardboard tube makes the best sort of friend. 

Patrick joined us for dinner last night, Anna prepared him a dinner also.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School - 2012

Yesterday was the first day back to school. 
Here is how the day went down... 

Amelia was so excited,  she had her new backpack, new clothes and bright new shoes. She couldn't wait!!!

Anna was excited but also a bit timid. When we dropped Anna off at her classroom we were so quick. Fast hug, fast kiss and we were gone before the tears could even form in her eyes. Like a bandaid... sometimes it's better to get it over with quickly.

Street gang... it's nice to walk up to school with all the other neighbor kids on the street. I'm afraid it will be a crazy party street when they are all teens.

It was weird to eat lunch all by myself... just me and the dog... the house was a bit quite. I ran to target and I kept having a feeling like I was missing something. Having kids with me 24/7 all summer then all of the sudden they are gone all day is a bit odd.

After school: 
First thing Anna said was she had an awesome time!
(whew... so glad!!)

Amelia said she missed a few friends from her class last year and thinks that 2nd grade will be her all time favorite year. I told her that she makes the year what she wants it to be... if she wants third grade to be even better than 2nd grade then she needs to believe that it will be. 2nd grade was wonderful for her... 
I sure hope 3rd will be just as special.

Anna told me I could not put any notes in her lunch box. She said that my note made her think of me and made her sad. It makes me sad that I can't leave her notes... maybe I'll try another note later next week when she is in the routine of going to school all day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7 more days until school starts

STL City Garden - we love this place!

This is how Amelia and I both feel about it... yipee!! Amelia loves school and she can't wait to go back. Anna not so much, she wants to stay home with me.

Don't get me wrong... I love that I am able to spend the whole summer with my girls but 24/7 for over two months can be a bit hard. Add working from home on top of that and it really can be a challenge. I know I should be sad and I am a little bit sad, Anna starts full day school this year and that is a big change for both of us. But then I also think about the extra 14 hours a week that I will have all to myself for work or whatever and I get a bit giddy!

I have a long list of projects and I plan to be productive during those extra 14 hours... let's hope I do it!