Friday, August 17, 2012

Meet Patrick

Meet Patrick... no I did not cut him out of the picture... see that cardboard tube right in the middle of the photo. That's Patrick! He is my daughter's newest friend and they treat him like he is alive.

How did Patrick come to us, you would guess that one of my girls drew his face. But no, last week the girls went to performance camp and on the last day one of the other kids (who made him) gave him to Anna. Ever since then he has joined us at Grammy's pool, the dinner table and he has a special bed to sleep in. Watching TV, reading books, playing in the backyard... Patrick is there!

All I hear is Patrick this and Patrick that... their imagination cracks me up! Who needs fancy dolls or toys when a cardboard tube makes the best sort of friend. 

Patrick joined us for dinner last night, Anna prepared him a dinner also.

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Patrick Powers said...

All the cool kids are named Patrick. :-)