Thursday, August 23, 2012

That Voice

I am a BIG fan of the podcast "This American Life". I look forward to each new episode every week and I get annoyed when it's a repeat. Last week a long time contributor of TAL died and they had an episode all about him. I had listen to this man speak for a few years now and realized as I listened to his rhymed stories that I had never see a picture of him.

So you guessed it,  I googled David Rakoff... and I was a bit taken back. For some reason he is not what I pictured, and now that I have seen him I could not really describe what I thought he might have looked like... but this was not it. As I listen to the end of the podcast I am having some sort of disconnect with his voice and the pictures spread across google. He seems more real now, not this fictional character of a voice full of cold emotion and wit.

Have you ever had that feeling? Like someone doesn't match their name or their spouse, the odd feeling like something is just not right.

RIP David Rakoff... I'll miss your cleaver, sharp and sometime dark humor about life.

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