Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School - 2012

Yesterday was the first day back to school. 
Here is how the day went down... 

Amelia was so excited,  she had her new backpack, new clothes and bright new shoes. She couldn't wait!!!

Anna was excited but also a bit timid. When we dropped Anna off at her classroom we were so quick. Fast hug, fast kiss and we were gone before the tears could even form in her eyes. Like a bandaid... sometimes it's better to get it over with quickly.

Street gang... it's nice to walk up to school with all the other neighbor kids on the street. I'm afraid it will be a crazy party street when they are all teens.

It was weird to eat lunch all by myself... just me and the dog... the house was a bit quite. I ran to target and I kept having a feeling like I was missing something. Having kids with me 24/7 all summer then all of the sudden they are gone all day is a bit odd.

After school: 
First thing Anna said was she had an awesome time!
(whew... so glad!!)

Amelia said she missed a few friends from her class last year and thinks that 2nd grade will be her all time favorite year. I told her that she makes the year what she wants it to be... if she wants third grade to be even better than 2nd grade then she needs to believe that it will be. 2nd grade was wonderful for her... 
I sure hope 3rd will be just as special.

Anna told me I could not put any notes in her lunch box. She said that my note made her think of me and made her sad. It makes me sad that I can't leave her notes... maybe I'll try another note later next week when she is in the routine of going to school all day.

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