Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good-bye Preschool

Yesterday was Anna's last day at preschool. She has been going to her school for three years in the purple room.  She has made a lot of friends over those three years and she LOVES her teachers! Everyday Mrs. Allie would greet Anna with a big hug. It's a nice feeling to know you child is getting love and attention when you are not with them. Brian and I are so grateful for all they have taught her over the years and we will miss the school and the teachers as our baby moves onto kindergarten next year.

Our baby is growing up and I am a bit teary eyed, these days seem to be moving too fast for me right now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

What I'm listening to... "Nuttin But Stringz - Thunder"

I first saw these guys on Jacks Big Music show a few years ago, it's a cute kids show that had really great music and adorable puppets. It was a show that the kids and I both enjoyed. I loved the music and style of this video, very fun!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sewing Ruffles

I have a vintage singer machine that I LOVE and I finally had a bit of time to try the ruffler foot that came with it. The foot as you can see in the above picture looks like a crazy contraption and I had to read the instructions a few time before I really got how the thing works. But WOW... this thing is awesome!

As you can see it makes perfect little pleats making a wonderful ruffle!
The bottom photos shows that you can adjust the ruffle from very tight to very loose and everything in between. You can also put the fabric you want to sew the ruffle to in this foot at the same time and it does it all at once... crazy!

I'm so excited about this ruffler foot because I always hated basing and trying to pull the thread to make ruffles, this thing does it for you and way better than I ever could by hand! My only question is how to figure out just how much fabric I need since it's a guessing game on how much it will shorten depending on how tight the ruffle. If you know how to figure this out I would love to know!

Want a ruffler foot? They do make new ones, just do a search, I bet you can find one for your machine.
Happy Ruffling!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Corners of my home - Backyard Loveiness

These are my neighbor's roses growing so pretty on our fence!

YUM...The lettuce is growing, we have to cage everything,
we have a rabbit family living in our backyard!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



I want to win this!!!!!!!! It's so cool!

Product Review - White tank top

I love white tank tops!

I wear one almost everyday, under sweaters, under shirts, t-shirts, to bed. They are wonderful. I have two brands I like the best. Sure I try other brands but I always go back for more of these.

#1: H&M white spaghetti strap tank. They are a bit longer than you can usually find which I like having that bit of white peeking out. They sell them in every color. (photo is not of the H&M tank, I couldn't find a photo of it.)

#2: Hanes tagless undershirt/wife beater, they are so comfortable, you just can't go wrong with this under your t-shirt or paired with some pajama pants for bed.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Memory Monday - flea market finds

This past Saturday morning I got up early to hit my favorite local church rummage sale. Church sales are the best... they have a ton of stuff in one place and it is usually marked pretty low (they don't want to get stuck with this junk stuff). Were else can you get 3 belts, 1 scarf, a puzzle and x-large knitting needles for only $2.75. You got to love it!

I remember going to flea markets and such with my parents every once and awhile. I do have a strong memory of going to some sort of flea market, it was indoors in some sort of large hall or barn. I think it had a rounded corrugated metal roof. There were tables and tables of stuff, some in large glass cases packed with small valuable items. I loved looking at all the goodies, so much to look at you could easily get overwhelmed. I remember one of the dealers gave me a toy warbler bird whistle. Do you remember these? It was a molded plastic toy, you fill with water and blow in it. I loved this little toy and it makes me think of my youth.

I'm going to get some for my girls, something fun for our vacation this summer. I wonder if they will like it as much as I did... I'm pretty sure they will.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian!

Today is Brian's birthday and I wanted to make a list of why he is my husband and best friend!

-He takes care of us
-He loves me for me
-He is a wonderful Pops (Dad)
-He makes me breakfast in bed almost every weekend!
-He is so calm and laid back (sometime too calm, he seems to move in slow motion. But I am always in high gear, always moving. I guess opposites do attract.)
-He makes time to read and play with the girls everyday
-He has a big soft heart
-He works hard
-He tells me the truth
-He respects and supports my work and passions no matter how crazy they sound. (you want to build what with 300 milk jugs?)
-He is smart but has no ego

-He has no enemies, he gets along with everyone he meets
-He is a good dancer
-He listens to me
-He makes us laugh
-He is my best friend!

We love you Pops and are so lucky to have you in our lives.
Happy Birthday!

Photo: Brian was in the school's parents play and won the one and only award given out each year. The Ham award... he is our big ham and we love him!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2011 Calendar - May

A few days late... 

Here is a little calendar cuteness I created. I make one each month, so check back for May's image. You can use this for your computer wallpaper, print one out for the office, your craft room or the fridge. Double click the image for the high res file.

All images are Copyrighted by Tracy Dorsey, 2011. 
Free download for personal use only. Not for resale.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Not the only one...

Looks like I'm not the only one who thought of the two ugly stepsisters when I saw these two entering the church with their crazy hats, ugly dresses and heavy makeup. She did also. 

What do you think?