Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian!

Today is Brian's birthday and I wanted to make a list of why he is my husband and best friend!

-He takes care of us
-He loves me for me
-He is a wonderful Pops (Dad)
-He makes me breakfast in bed almost every weekend!
-He is so calm and laid back (sometime too calm, he seems to move in slow motion. But I am always in high gear, always moving. I guess opposites do attract.)
-He makes time to read and play with the girls everyday
-He has a big soft heart
-He works hard
-He tells me the truth
-He respects and supports my work and passions no matter how crazy they sound. (you want to build what with 300 milk jugs?)
-He is smart but has no ego

-He has no enemies, he gets along with everyone he meets
-He is a good dancer
-He listens to me
-He makes us laugh
-He is my best friend!

We love you Pops and are so lucky to have you in our lives.
Happy Birthday!

Photo: Brian was in the school's parents play and won the one and only award given out each year. The Ham award... he is our big ham and we love him!

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