Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sewing Ruffles

I have a vintage singer machine that I LOVE and I finally had a bit of time to try the ruffler foot that came with it. The foot as you can see in the above picture looks like a crazy contraption and I had to read the instructions a few time before I really got how the thing works. But WOW... this thing is awesome!

As you can see it makes perfect little pleats making a wonderful ruffle!
The bottom photos shows that you can adjust the ruffle from very tight to very loose and everything in between. You can also put the fabric you want to sew the ruffle to in this foot at the same time and it does it all at once... crazy!

I'm so excited about this ruffler foot because I always hated basing and trying to pull the thread to make ruffles, this thing does it for you and way better than I ever could by hand! My only question is how to figure out just how much fabric I need since it's a guessing game on how much it will shorten depending on how tight the ruffle. If you know how to figure this out I would love to know!

Want a ruffler foot? They do make new ones, just do a search, I bet you can find one for your machine.
Happy Ruffling!

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