Monday, May 16, 2011

Memory Monday - flea market finds

This past Saturday morning I got up early to hit my favorite local church rummage sale. Church sales are the best... they have a ton of stuff in one place and it is usually marked pretty low (they don't want to get stuck with this junk stuff). Were else can you get 3 belts, 1 scarf, a puzzle and x-large knitting needles for only $2.75. You got to love it!

I remember going to flea markets and such with my parents every once and awhile. I do have a strong memory of going to some sort of flea market, it was indoors in some sort of large hall or barn. I think it had a rounded corrugated metal roof. There were tables and tables of stuff, some in large glass cases packed with small valuable items. I loved looking at all the goodies, so much to look at you could easily get overwhelmed. I remember one of the dealers gave me a toy warbler bird whistle. Do you remember these? It was a molded plastic toy, you fill with water and blow in it. I loved this little toy and it makes me think of my youth.

I'm going to get some for my girls, something fun for our vacation this summer. I wonder if they will like it as much as I did... I'm pretty sure they will.

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