Friday, May 10, 2013

Softball Season

The 2013 softball season has started, Amelia is in 3rd grade and it's the first year they have gotten pants. I always wondered why the boys got pants and the girls got shorts. I guess they figure girls do not slide? But at this age and younger no one slides. They got the pants and shorts, I'm sure the shorts will get worn more because it will get too hot very soon.

She picked a new number this year. She had been #3 the past few years. I think she picked it becuase that's my favorite number, I was always #3 when I played soccer. When they were picking the numbers this year she asked Pops if it was ok that she changed her number. She thought I would be hurt that she did not want #3 anymore. It's so sweet of her to think of me, but I want her to do her own thing... 
Go #5!!!!!

 This year they start kid pitching to each other and they get 3 outs. No more swings until you hit it. It's neat to watch the kids pitch but it sure does make for a slow moving game. Good thing it's timed and cut off at an hour and a half... otherwise they might be playing a nine inning game for three days!

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