Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I found $1,200

My neighbors (a husband and wife) are in their 90s, Brian and I often help them with a few things. Brian mows the grass, shovels snow and lights the pilot light every fall. I help them with the computer, getting a dvds started, etc. They also have several hired people to help them, clean, shop, etc.

Last week she asked me if I would replace some shot elastic in several of her skirts. Her helper and I looked through the skirts and they gave me an old bag of elastic that I could keep and maybe use for the skirts. I finally looked through the bag to see what elastic was in there. I pulled out a few zippers, patches and two big spools of thread. The bottoms of the thread were stuck together and I thought that was odd and as I pulled them apart I saw a roll of money! Looking closer it was all twenty dollar bills. I counted it and there were 60!

I knew right away she must have stashed the money in there, but how long ago and did she have other money stashed around the house? I took it right over and showed her what she had done. Right away she told me not to tell her helper, that the helper would be upset because she had told her not to hide money around the house. I said she should listen to her, that's not safe with all the people coming and going in the house to help them. Plus she just gave away this bag of stuff & money to me to keep, luckily it was me and I returned it.

Do you hide money around the house? Have you ever found money? We keep a small amount of cash in our emergency bag, but that's it.

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Andrea said...

I think it must come from growing up during the Depression because my grandmother was the same. When she passed we found all sorts of finds.