Monday, May 6, 2013

Please take off your shoes

Have you ever been to a home where they asked you to take off your shoes? Do you get caught off guard? What is your first thought? For me it all depends on what shoes I am wearing.

Shoes with socks: I hope these socks are nice looking and I sure hope my feet don't stink.
Flats: Do I have a pedicure, if so is it still nice looking and not half chipped off?
Boots with a skirt and tights: Crap there goes my whole outfit!
Boots with a skirt and knee high socks: Crap there goes my whole outfit and now I look 10 wearing knee high socks!

I have a dear friend and this is their house rule. I think they started it when they built a new house and it had fresh new cream carpet. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the idea of not wanting someone to track in who knows what into my carpet. I have read an article that said it is really wise to take off your shoes before coming into your home so you do not track in germs and pollution. All very good points! 

At my home my girls have always taken off their shoes when they came home, it's not something I remember teaching them, but that's what they do. They love to have their shoes off. I almost never have shoes off. I find walking barefoot on the hardwood floors hard on my feet, it's just uncomfortable for me. I am either wearing my shoes, flip flops in the summer or slippers in the winter. 
Amelia getting her toes painted for the first time, age 3, 2008
So now when I go to my friends house I need to think about my outfit, socks and pedicure. Question, is it ok to bring your own slippers to that persons house? Another thought... I don't know if I would want people walking around my house barefoot. Feet are a bit gross to me and I think about the funky things they might be spreading around my house. What's worse funky bodily stuff or funky outside ground stuff? I guess it's a six of one and half dozen of the other kind of topic.

Overall I totally respect everyone's personal house rules and will be happy to follow those request. As for my dear friend, we have known each other since the 5th grade and I would walk on fire if she asked, so bare feet... no sweat!

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hometweaking said...

We never removed our shoes until we moved to Minnesota. Everyone removes their shoes at the door there. I don't know how it started, but I really grew to like it. To me, the bottom of shoes are much worse than anyone's bare feet. We wear your shoes into public bathrooms, playgrounds, etc. and people spit on the ground-it's so gross! My house has been much cleaner since we aren't wearing shoes in the house. I feel more comfortable with my boys laying on the floor watching a movie knowing that my carpets are clean! I ask people to please remove there shoes, but if they don't want to (my parents), they don't have to. My 2 cents for the day!