Monday, May 27, 2013


Amelia has always played tag with a group of girls and boys from school at recess. Last year they made up nicknames for the game. Amelia named herself "Puzzy". When I first heard this I groaned and told her I really didn't like the name. But one day at pick up the kids were running around and I heard the name called... I cringed a bit. Later that day I said she needed to find a new nickname for tag. She asked why but I just said because I didn't like the one she had. A few weeks we were running errorns and the girls were talking in the backseat. I heard the name Puzzy again and I told them not to use that word, and then why they me asked.

Ugh... my mind twisted and turned to quickly figure out how to gently explain the problem.

"Well... you know how sometimes there are different names for things. Puzzy sounds a lot like another word and that word is another name for vagina".  There was dead silence from the back seat. "That is why I don't want you to use that word, ok"?  Quietly from the back seat I hear, "ok".

I don't think I will hear that word again.

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