Friday, September 23, 2011

Giant Zombie Bubble Fun!

I found this great bubble tutorial. I made the stick bubble wands and special solution, and we took it on our vacation to Michigan city and gave it a try. It works!!! Awesome Giant Bubbles!!!

We all took turns making the bubbles, it's so much fun for kids and adults!

I think Amelia made the largest bubble, it was huge!

Super Giant Zombie Bubble Solution
(we called it Zombie bubbles because ours was made with green dish soap)

-12 cups water
-1 cup dish soap
-1 cup corn starch
-2 tbls baking powder
-3 oz tube of personal lubricant 
(I know this is a weird one but it makes the bubbles last a bit longer)

Let the mix sit for at least an hour, we used used an old milk jug. 
Stir a bit before you use it, but do not shake.

Have fun making your GIANT BUBBLES!

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Meeling said...

How fun!! I haven't seen big bubbles like that in a long time. My son, many years ago wen to a bd party where they were making them and letting the kids stand in the middle of them. I still have a pic of his huge smile while he was in the middle of the bubble!

Glad you had fun!