Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's not all pretty

I know some of my readers think that everything is perfect and fun over here. But I loudly admit that it's far from that. I do like to try new things and sometimes it works out and sometimes it's a big flop!

That's the thing about blogs, you only see what I want to share. Well today I am sharing one of my flops! My cousin's daughter was having her first communion back in May and I wanted to make a little keepsake for her. I did a quick sketch and though, yes this will be so cute. I sewed it together, did the hand beading and it looked really nice... but... then I stuffed it. 

Everything looks very different when you stuff it! That's the hardest part about making plushy toys without a pattern like I do. You can never really tell how it will look in 3D. I was a little disappointed, then tossed it aside and made her a cute little sun dress for her American Girl doll... ahhhh... much better and something I was happy to give as a gift.

So there you go... just one of many failures, you don't see them all. Those just aren't as fun to share.

p.s. The funny thing is that Amelia really liked the odd cross pillow and wanted to keep it for herself. Maybe I'll try again and make one for her first communion.

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