Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anna - tickle your heart

Scene: Last Friday Anna and I were walked up to school to pick up Amelia. We had been walking in silence and out of the blue...

Anna: You know how you know God is in your heart?

Me: oh... no how?

Anna: She tickles your heart (Anna waves her fingers in the air in a tickle motion) and that makes it beat.

Me: I love that idea, that sounds wonderful.

Anna: Ya, I think that's how.

I'm not sure what made this idea come to her mind, I think she did she a cartoon where a heart was tickled. But my favorite part is that she calls God a "she". This is not the first time Anna has called God she. I love the fact that she has her own image of God.

I asked her to tell Brian the tickle story and as she was telling the story she asked me "is God a man or a woman". I asked her what she though. She said a woman and she continued her story referring to God as she. For some reason this makes me happy, as a woman with two daughters I guess I like the idea. 

I am going to ask Anna to draw a picture of God... I'm very curious to see what she draws.

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