Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My hubby is...

My hubby is a wonderful man and I am so grateful to have him in my life. I know I am not always the easiest person to live with, but somehow he puts up with me. I love him for thousands of reasons... for always doing the dishes every night, for always putting a glass of water on my night stand, for always giving me a kiss goodbye, for always giving me back rubs, for always giving the girls their baths, for always giving me time to be crafty, for always driving us anywhere, for always letting Bud out in the middle of the night. This list could go on forever but I love him mostly for always being my best friend.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween 1976

Halloween was always a fun holiday at my house when I was little. I think because me Dad loved to scare all the neighborhood kids and he also loved finding the biggest pumpkin in the patch to carve. I found this cute photo of my mom (don't you love her super pointy hat, it almost looks like a traffic cone painted black), my brother Brent as a bunny and me a princess.

Remember those plastic face masks we all wore, now most kids costumes don't come with any mask that might cover their faces. I remember one year my dad had one of those plastic masks that was a skeleton face, the string broke so he took some nude panty hose and stretched it over his head and the mask. Well, this made the simple kids mask look quite creepy. He wrapped a white sheet around him and sat on the front porch very, very still and when the kids got just close enough he would jump up and scare them silly! Several kids went running away crying... oh the good old days of Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Sweet Little Ducky

My sweet little ducky will be 3 in about a week and a half. We had her birthday parties this weekend. We had a friend party in the morning and a family party in the afternoon. We hosted two parties because our house would be packed in if we tired to hold 20 kids and their parents all at one time. It worked out nicely, Anna got a nice nap between parties, but I was worn out and in bed by 9:30!

All the kids looked so cute in their costumes, we made Halloween necklaces, colored, trick-or-treated in the backyard, and had cake. We lucked out with a nice fall day and spend most of the time in the backyard on the playground.
I can't believe my baby is almost 3 years old, where does the time go? Some days I just want to freeze time. What a lucky duck of a mom I am to have such a sweetheart in my life!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All Aboard!!!

Sunday we took a ride on the Wabash & Pacific Railroad. It is a charming, miniature, real steam engine train ride that goes through the woods and along the Meramec river. The ride is about 30 minutes and just lovely. We went with our good friends the Dames family. After the train ride we all had a lovely picnic lunch (except for one pesky bee), it was a beautiful day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

First Camp Out

O.K. So we camped in the backyard, and it was a good trial run for the girls since when it was really time to go to sleep they wanted to sleep inside.
They enjoy cooking the hot dogs and marshmallows over the campfire. I haven't been camping in a long time and I don't remember the camp fire coating my hot dogs with a layer of black soot. I had to wipe off each hot dog before we ate them. Is this normal?
We played around in the tent, told spooky stories and read books.
Oh and you can't forget your laptop when camping, it was fun for the girls playing with this in the dark since it did light up a spooky green.
Amelia & Anna love telling spooky stories, which always crack Brian & I up. The stories usually include a dark night, a full moon and two kids walking in the woods hearing a thump, thump, thump. If Anna is telling the story it usually ends with a nice rainbow monster who makes pancakes for everyone.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A kiss to start my day

I just dropped the girls off to school today and walking in Amelia stopped, pulled me down and planted a big kiss on my cheek. What a way to start my day... I am a lucky mom!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rombach's Pumpkin Farm

We went to Rombach's Pumpkin farm this weekend, it was a perfect day and since it was the first weekend in October, it was not crowded at all!

You wouldn't know it from this photo but poor Anna had a bad coughing fit and was really miserable the first hour, she even threw up from coughing so much. She did bounce back and enjoyed part of the visit.

Amelia wanted a giant pumpkin, but they were $50.00... gosh the pumpkin prices have gone up! So she found the biggest pumpkin in the $9.00 pile and is still admiring how BIG her pumpkin is!

Who is driving the bus... ahhhh... it's Papa... hold on tight!

This photo looks like it's from a scary horror movie...
the tunnel kids are coming to get us all! HIDE!!!!!