Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween 1976

Halloween was always a fun holiday at my house when I was little. I think because me Dad loved to scare all the neighborhood kids and he also loved finding the biggest pumpkin in the patch to carve. I found this cute photo of my mom (don't you love her super pointy hat, it almost looks like a traffic cone painted black), my brother Brent as a bunny and me a princess.

Remember those plastic face masks we all wore, now most kids costumes don't come with any mask that might cover their faces. I remember one year my dad had one of those plastic masks that was a skeleton face, the string broke so he took some nude panty hose and stretched it over his head and the mask. Well, this made the simple kids mask look quite creepy. He wrapped a white sheet around him and sat on the front porch very, very still and when the kids got just close enough he would jump up and scare them silly! Several kids went running away crying... oh the good old days of Halloween!

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