Monday, October 20, 2008

My Sweet Little Ducky

My sweet little ducky will be 3 in about a week and a half. We had her birthday parties this weekend. We had a friend party in the morning and a family party in the afternoon. We hosted two parties because our house would be packed in if we tired to hold 20 kids and their parents all at one time. It worked out nicely, Anna got a nice nap between parties, but I was worn out and in bed by 9:30!

All the kids looked so cute in their costumes, we made Halloween necklaces, colored, trick-or-treated in the backyard, and had cake. We lucked out with a nice fall day and spend most of the time in the backyard on the playground.
I can't believe my baby is almost 3 years old, where does the time go? Some days I just want to freeze time. What a lucky duck of a mom I am to have such a sweetheart in my life!


Sikes Family said...

Cute Ducky costume! Sophia is going to be a Ducky too. I am still sewing her costume, but more than half-way done. Did you make this ducky costume?

Tracy (design Lab 443) said...

I did not make Anna's I found it online for under $20. I did make Amelia's puppy costume. Happy halloween!