Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Super cute T-shirts and sweatshirts

for your HTV & SVG designs...

Best fitted T-shirt... 

These do run small so I usually size up one size.

Best sweatshirt...
I love the look of this California Wave Hoodie,
the neck and hem are so cute and they are really soft!

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Friday, September 30, 2022

 Make your own miniature potion bottles!

We made these halloween bottles using these items below. 

Other items in this halloween scene...

Most of these as you can see you just put the items like the beads or feathers into the jar. For the eyeballs we colored circles on the balls to make the colored part of the eye and the black part of the eye. For the organs we put bits of white and red ribbon and cording into the jar and added the red food coloring. For the dragon scales we flattened a tiny bit of sculptey clay and baked it. Then we cut it up into tiny scale like pieces. 

For all of the bottles we made tags or labels out of paper and either taped or glued them on and some we added a bit of thread around the top.

These were so easy and fun to make... Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

During the beginning of covid we created a mouse house. I had always loved the mouse houses at the Magic House and wanted to make one at my house. Well covid hit and like most people all activities stopped and we were left with too much time on our hands. My husband finally agreed to cut a hole into a perfectly good wall. I think he only agreed to help take my mind off the unknown stresses and fear of covid. I am so happy with how it turned out, we have several different rooms that we built to switch out for the season. Anna has used purchased miniature room kits and we have also build our own rooms from scratch. It's always a fun project that we can work on together.

Follow the Webster Mouse House on instagram to see the current rooms and fun we are having with it! 

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Who loves girl scouts? And who has some littles that get to tag along to meetings, events and activities? Now you can make your little "tagalong" a darling shirt with these FREE svg and pdf files.

This is a FREE design illustrated by me. This is for personal use only and not for profit of any sort. Mass production and or commercial use of this design is not allowed.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Amelia's Girl Scout Silver Award Project.

Amelia spoke to 5 classrooms at two different elementary schools and two girl scout troops. Overall sharing her information with 138 kids.

Below is the speech she presented and the coloring book she wrote and Illustrated herself. She handed out the coloring books to all the kids to take home. She also played a game called guess how long this take to decompose, she showed an item and the kids guessed. Most of the kids were very surprised how many years most items take to decompose.

Her speech...
     This is about plastic water bottles and how they affect the earth. Originally people thought using plastic water bottles was crazy, since we have our own running water at home that we just pull a handle and comes out. Why buy that bottled up right?

But through convincing and persuading , we now believe that bottled water is safer than tap water. But that might not be the case most brands just use tap water and filter it. A lot of people fall for words like "spring" or "natural" and assume its good for them. 
  Lets assume you buy bottled water and let it sit out for a very long time. The water could possible absorb the chemicals coming from the plastic, making it harmful to you. On another note, even if you do recycle, there is a chance that bottle could end up in the ocean, or some landfill in another country. The best plan to stop all those risks is just to use a reusable water bottle. Then, you would never have to use another plastic bottle again.

This stuff applies to pretty much all plastics, so there are different things you can do to eliminate different types of plastics. For example, when you are at a restaurant, avoid using plastic straws.
   In general avoid using things like plastic utensils, plastic water bottles, sandwich bags, plastic gloves, shopping bags, straws and styrofoam cups and plates. In conclusion, saying no to plastic water bottles will help the environment. Don't forget to use your reusable water bottle whenever you can!

I did this project for my Girl Scout silver award. To get this award, you have to work 50 hours and make a positive change in the world.

Click here to read my comic book, written and illustrated by me!

Now that you've read my book, share it with your family and friends to spread the word!

Amelia made these water bottle swaps for each child to remind them to use reusable water bottles.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

So simple, so wonderful

I found this note on my bed last night from my youngest daughter. Something so short, sweet and simple can sure fill your heart in a second. My heart is full and smiling.

Challenge: Leave a quick note to someone you like or love today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Game Chair Makeover

In the winter when it's cold and windy outside I love to sit next to my fireplace. But just sitting near it in a chair is not enough... no I like to plop myself right in front of it. But over time that's not the most comfortable and my butt or leg would usually fall asleep. So I looked around for some options and I thought these game style chairs would be perfect. Light enough for me to move around and more support than a bean bag. But man are these things ugly, they scream man cave or teen boys room.

I picked up these two used game chairs on my neighborhood swap and sell for $10 each. A dear friend of mine had this perfect fabric that she generously gave to me (I had been looking for the right fabric for weeks and she walks into my house with it! I was meant to be!)

I did not take photos of my process but here is what I did to recover the top of the chair.

1. Cut your fabric a few inches wider that needed and heat up your glue gun. Fold the fabric under and start gluing, holding it a minutes or two until the glue sets. Fold under and glue all the way around pulling the fabric tight as you go.

2. Now I did not think the glue would hold over time with me and the girls sitting on the chair so I reinforced the edging with upholstery nail heads. The frame of this chair was wood so I could hammer them right into the edge. I love the finished look it gave the chair.

Click here for the nail heads I used.

Pretty easy right? Now you can make that ugly game chair match our own decor... yes it's still a game chair, but it's a pretty one and super comfy to sit next to the fire.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Anna Plays Violin

Scene: Me hounding Anna once again about practicing her violin.

Me: You know the teacher told you to practice everyday that you eat.

Anna: Then I will not eat on Saturdays.

Ugh, sometimes she is so stubborn... but she also cracks me up.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Go Type - a new etsy shop

   I opened another etsy shop, in my free time... yes I'm crazy!  

But I'm also excited to launch this new shop with instant downloadable prints... it's so easy. 

4 easy steps:
1. Purchase
2. Download
3. Print
4. Display

There are lots of prints to choose from and I am adding new prints weekly, so check back often!

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