Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Anna's List for Santa

Anna finally decided to write a list for Santa, up until now she did not have any ideas of what she wanted.

In case you can not read the above writing...

Christmas list for Anna
really want
-American girl stuff
-cool movie
-make me fly

want so so badly
Do you know that polly car that we used to play with but Broke? 
I want it so so so badly!

Did you notice the "make me fly"? What am I to do with that request? I guess she figures Santa hands out magic super powers? At least I think we can find a polly pocket car!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saint Nick 2014

Last week Saint Nick came to our house. At our house Saint Nick is Santa's helper, he plays several roles:

Mailman: you leave him your letter to be delivered to Santa
Stork: he drops of the elf on the shelf
Santa: he leaves little trinkets and treats (this year he gave holiday socks, tree shaped cakes, and a mystery lego figure)

Above is Amelia's note to Santa, this is the short version, she has another LONG list also. Where as Anna has not asked for one thing. I keep asking her what she wants and she says I don't know. It's odd to have them both on extreme ends of the spectrum.

Not sure why Amelia wanted a fat elf, we get a new elf every year and maybe she wanted to mix it up? Before the elf on the shelf was popular I already collected the vintage knee hugger elfs. So as an extra reason to add to my collection Saint Nick brings us a new one each year. This year they named him "Little Wittle". Now the elf antics can begin!