Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saint Nick 2014

Last week Saint Nick came to our house. At our house Saint Nick is Santa's helper, he plays several roles:

Mailman: you leave him your letter to be delivered to Santa
Stork: he drops of the elf on the shelf
Santa: he leaves little trinkets and treats (this year he gave holiday socks, tree shaped cakes, and a mystery lego figure)

Above is Amelia's note to Santa, this is the short version, she has another LONG list also. Where as Anna has not asked for one thing. I keep asking her what she wants and she says I don't know. It's odd to have them both on extreme ends of the spectrum.

Not sure why Amelia wanted a fat elf, we get a new elf every year and maybe she wanted to mix it up? Before the elf on the shelf was popular I already collected the vintage knee hugger elfs. So as an extra reason to add to my collection Saint Nick brings us a new one each year. This year they named him "Little Wittle". Now the elf antics can begin!

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