Monday, August 12, 2013

What I'm reading... Out of My Mind By Sharon M Draper

My mom just retired as a 4 & 5 grade teacher. When she left school she took many of her books to give to Amelia who is starting the 4th grade this year. She pulled this book out of the box saying it was really good. Amelia found some other books to read so I picked up this one... "Out of My Mind" by Sharon M Draper. 

I would say it's a 5th grade to adult book and I truly feel that everyone should read it! It is very well written with a great story everyone can learn something from. The book is about a life story of a girl growing up who can not move or talk. She is labeled as mentally and physically disabled, but once they give her the tools to express herself the world is finally able see the true Melody.

A lovely book that makes you stop and think, a must read! 

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