Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer 2013

Summer... that's where I have been. Summer with kids home, places to go and things to do.

With only one more week of summer until the kids head back to school I look back at our summer. I feel I was able to keep the girls busy but also allowed enough free time for them to just be kids. But not too much free time so that I think I only heard, "I bored" twice all summer long.

2013 Summer:

- Swim team - Daily
- Softball - Amelia
- Girl Scout Day Camp - Both Girls
- Embroidery Camp - Hosted by me
- 10 Day Vacation to Williamsburg, VA
- Six Flags
- Amelia's Birthday Party
- Impromptu Neighborhood Kickball Games
- Lego Robotics Camp - Both Girls
- Big Family Camping Weekend at Johnson Shut-Ins
- Swimming at Grammy & Papa's Pool
- Volleyball Camp - Amelia
- Remembering Grandpa - Funeral weekend
- Golfing & Hiking with the Girl Scouts
- Violin Lessons - Amelia
- Theater Camp - Both Girls

Yes, it was a busy, fun summer that flew by so fast! School supplies are packed up and ready to go. Good bye summer... it sure was fun, we'll catch you next year!

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