Friday, February 15, 2013

A box is just a box... or is it?

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In my futile attempt to clean out the basement I brought up a stack of old boxes to recycle. My first mistake was not taking them out to the bin that very minute. Because when the girls got home from school their eyes got big when they saw the mound of boxes. "Can we have those", Amelia asked. I could see her mind twirling with ideas of what grand item she could create.

I said maybe if you get all your homework, etc. done. Here is my second mistake... I should have taken them out to the recycle bin right then and maybe they would have forgotten about them. Out of sight, out of mind.

Later that night I went into the kitchen to find this mess! Brian doing the dishes amongst two feverishly working kids... cutting, taping and creating. They were having so much fun and enjoyed their homemade rocket ships.

I'm glad they had fun, I would never like to stifle anyone's creativity! But you know later that night where those boxes went... into the recycle bin!!

Don't worry, we all had an agreement that these projects could not stay and the girls understood.

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VaLon Frandsen said...

Yeah, when I have kids I am totally buying them boxes instead of toys.