Friday, May 25, 2012

Fly Amelia Fly!

 Day 2 of summer... 
Amelia makes paper wings and tries to fly, she says she wants real wings for her birthday. 

Where do you buy real wings? She said Santa can make her real wings. I love her imagination!

She got a tiny bit of air here.  ;  )

Fly Amelia Fly!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School

It's the last day of school today and I have mixed feelings. The year seemed to go by faster that the metro train. It would stop and I would catch a glimpse here and there but it really did speed right by me.

I work from home and I am also a stay at home mom. It has been a juggling act finding the right balance between caring for my girls and working. Next year Anna will be in first grade, which means both girls will be gone all day. A big change for me and Anna.

 I am excited to be able to work normal hours and talk to clients on the phone without kids yelling in the background. But I will miss having lunch with Anna... the house will be a bit lonely. I worked from home for about three years before Amelia was born, so I was used to it. Now I have been working from home for seven years with kids under my feet, lots of noise and chaos.... yes, it will be a big change.

I'm also a bit sad that my baby is going into first grade, really not a baby anymore. It makes me look back and realize how lucky I was to spend these years with them at home. It was hard and a challenge some days but it was worth it for me, from their birth to school, to be there for them everyday. I was able to attend all the school field trips, walk them to school in the mornings, set up play dates and my favorite... pick them up from school everyday giving them a big hug as they ran out to me with open arms.

Full day school next year... will be a little bitter sweet.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fairies are welcome

A few years ago we build fairy homes, see here. They only lasted one season and fell apart, so we had to do something new. My husband Brian cut out the doors, I used the wood burning tool to etch the design and then we each painted a door.

The door above is Brian's and is found under the big tree in the front yard.

Anna's door has two hearts and a lady bug on it. We found these darling table, chairs and watering can at a local flower shop.

Amelia's door has a cosy willow bench with a garden gnome to protect the fairies. We bought the chair at the same shop. I made the gnome months ago at the St. Louis City Museum, they had air dry clay at a table you could make things with, then I painted her at home.

This is my door tucked far in the back of the yard, there is an odd glare from the sun on it. It has a shamrock on the door and a gem stone handle.

I love these things, little magical nooks you'll fine in our yard... 
they just make me happy. 

The other day Anna lost her tooth and she said maybe the tooth fairy 
would stay in one of our house... so cute!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anna's lost tooth

Anna lost her first tooth this past Sunday. She was at swimming lessons, Amelia was swimming and she was waiting her turn and it just fell out... finally... it has been so loose for weeks and she was very nervous about it falling out. I think she thought it would hurt or bleed a lot.

She wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking for 100 dollars. I told her the tooth fairy doesn't carry around that kind of cash. The tooth fairy did bring her five dollars since it was her very first tooth.

Do you save your kids teeth? I do, I'm not sure why, maybe someday they will be able to extract the stem cells from them to cure things? Who knows... but I do have an old film container (remember those?) that I put the teeth in. It's hiding in the back of my closet in a bag along with the tiny notes Amelia has written to the tooth fairy. So if anyone comes to rob us they won't find money or gems in my closet... just a bunch of tiny teeth. Yeah, it's a little creepy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scrabble Pillow Feature

 I was contacted a few months ago through my Etsy site by an Australian magazine called Fernwood asking me if they could feature my scrabble pillow

Oh YES you can I said! I sent them a few photos of the pillow and they emailed me today the cover and the page my pillow is on. It's always exciting to see your work in print.

double click to enlarge image