Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anna's lost tooth

Anna lost her first tooth this past Sunday. She was at swimming lessons, Amelia was swimming and she was waiting her turn and it just fell out... finally... it has been so loose for weeks and she was very nervous about it falling out. I think she thought it would hurt or bleed a lot.

She wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking for 100 dollars. I told her the tooth fairy doesn't carry around that kind of cash. The tooth fairy did bring her five dollars since it was her very first tooth.

Do you save your kids teeth? I do, I'm not sure why, maybe someday they will be able to extract the stem cells from them to cure things? Who knows... but I do have an old film container (remember those?) that I put the teeth in. It's hiding in the back of my closet in a bag along with the tiny notes Amelia has written to the tooth fairy. So if anyone comes to rob us they won't find money or gems in my closet... just a bunch of tiny teeth. Yeah, it's a little creepy.

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