Monday, April 23, 2012

Amelia's First Communion

We celebrated Amelia's First Communion this past Sunday. She did great, not nervous at all. After we had a party at the house with friends and family. It was a perfect day.

I like that Amelia knows what she wants and doesn't often stray just because of others. Most girls wore a veil, she did not want to wear one and she didn't care if all the girls had a veil or not. I let her make all the decisions, it was her day and she looked lovely.

She makes me so proud!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amelia's Note

Today Amelia left me this picture taped to my office chair, as I pealed it off I noticed this note on the backside...

Wow, this sure made my day!!! I guess I am doing something right?

P.S. I know it might look like she drew a penis after the heart but it is a finger pointing to the stick figure with curly hair (that's me). 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 2012

double click to enlarge image

Yes, I am still here... just so busy! As you can see on my calendar the past two weeks have been jam packed and this week is even worse and the rest of the month is more of the same. Include my work and etsy shop to this and I'm always running like the wind.

So... that is my reason for not having time to post. I do have a list of stuff I need to post, so hopefully I can come up for air soon and post some fun stuff.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lincoln the Fox - Eco Friendly Plushy

Brian hands me a orange sweater and tells me it's too short on him. He is 6ft 5" so he has this problem a lot, clothes shrink up and a short sweater on a tall man is just not a good look. As he hands me the sweater I am already clicking through the ideas in my head of what I will make out of it.

I have made some red foxes before and have been wanted to make some orange ones... and this is the perfect shade of orange! Meet Lincoln the eco fox... made out of an upcycled t-shirt, leather, new felt, eyes and poly-fil... and a lovely orange sweater that shrunk up just enough to become a fox.

You can find him here in my etsy shop.

Lincoln loves bugs, he is obsessed with them. He spends most of his days exploring the dark forrest hunting for a rare bugs to study. He carries his favorite leather satchel to keep his vintage entomology drawings safe and close to him.

Monday, April 2, 2012

What I'm reading - The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I haven't seen the movie yet, I wanted to read the book first since I had heard it was so good. And they were right... it's really really good! I don't really read as much as I would like, I am usually crafting something in my free time (did I really say free time, like I have any of that!)

But each night last week I would sit and read and I looked forward to that time to myself... to be quite, not move a muscle and engulf myself in someone else's life story. It's quite a stress reliever to stop thinking, or stressing about all the things I need to do and just send my mind off to another place in time. Like always, when I finish a really good book I say... gosh I really need to read more often.

Mmmmm, what should I read next? Any suggestions?