Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lincoln the Fox - Eco Friendly Plushy

Brian hands me a orange sweater and tells me it's too short on him. He is 6ft 5" so he has this problem a lot, clothes shrink up and a short sweater on a tall man is just not a good look. As he hands me the sweater I am already clicking through the ideas in my head of what I will make out of it.

I have made some red foxes before and have been wanted to make some orange ones... and this is the perfect shade of orange! Meet Lincoln the eco fox... made out of an upcycled t-shirt, leather, new felt, eyes and poly-fil... and a lovely orange sweater that shrunk up just enough to become a fox.

You can find him here in my etsy shop.

Lincoln loves bugs, he is obsessed with them. He spends most of his days exploring the dark forrest hunting for a rare bugs to study. He carries his favorite leather satchel to keep his vintage entomology drawings safe and close to him.

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