Thursday, March 1, 2012

We are GEEKS!

SCENE: Anna and Tracy, in the bathroom, I was helping Anna with the toothpaste. Amelia appears in the doorway.

AMELIA: Mama do you know what a geek is?

TRACY: No. (I sometimes say no because I want to hear what they think words or things are, plus they get excited to tell me new things.)

AMELIA: A geek is someone who is very smart... I am a geek and you are a geek too. (She said to Anna.)

ANNA: Oh yeah, I'm a geek. (nodding an agreeing look with Amelia)

TRACY: Yes, you both are my little geeks. (This makes me so happy, I want them to know they are smart kids and that they can do anything if they just try.)

PHOTO ABOVE: My little geeks with their first place ribbons for the school science fair. Their project was called "The hot dog that was mummified". What mummifies a hot dog better Epsom salt or baking soda? If you are going to do any mummifying we recommend Epsom salt. Next they go on to the district science fair.  I love my geeks!

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