Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ant Farm

The girls got an ant farm for Christmas. We ordered the ants and they arrived in the mail about 2 weeks later. 20 ants came in a tiny plastic test tube. We filled the farm with the sand it came with and placed/dumped the ants into their new world.

By the next day they had already started digging two tunnels and I was hooked on watching them. We keep them in my office, first so I can keep an eye on them so we don't forget to feed and water them, second so I can stop and watch these amazing little guys. They are all guys, the male ants are the worker ants in this kind of ant.

I watch them make tunnels then fill in the tunnel, then make a new tunnel, then make a hill in a few hours, then take down the hill, then rebuild the hill, then make another tunnel. It never stops they just keep moving the sand around. I wonder who is in charge and is there any plan? I'm not sure but boy can these little guys move some earth/sand fast.

These ants live for about a month or so and it's been about 3 weeks and I think we are down to 11 ants, which is a little sad. After watching them I'll never look at ants the same, they are amazing, tiny creatures.

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