Friday, March 16, 2012

Top Secret Mission

 I meant to post this right after Christmas, but of course it's now 3 months later... life can just be so busy sometimes which is why this idea is so great. I think it is a fun idea for those hard to buy for husbands.

Our big gift this Christmas was a gas log set for the fireplace, so we said only small gifts to each other. The past year had been so busy we often forgot to take time for each other, we had not gone on many date nights last year. I had seen this date night idea on pinterest and made up my own version, CIA style. 

I planned a top secret mission for Brian. I had 12 dates planned out, one for each month. I also included gift cards for restaurants, etc. This way it's so easy, all planned out, no question of what should we do. Plus, I tried to plan fun things other than the movies, which is a usually date night for us.

So here is what we will be doing each month:

Jan: Dinner & Movie
Feb: Our Anniversary was this month, so Brian had to plan this one.
March: Show at the small local theater & dinner
April: Cooking class
May: Dinner & Bowling
June: Hike, geo caching & picnic
July: Lunch & antique shopping
August: Donate our time at a local food bank or shelter
Sept.: Bike ride & picnic
Oct.: Dinner & dancing
Nov.: Evening gallery talk and music at the art museum and dinner
Dec.: Romantic date night at home

Lucky for me he accepted this special mission and so far we have had two date nights and I think we are both enjoying this gift of time together.

Here is an image of one of the pages in the mission, I had an envelope attached to each page with the gift cards etc. (click to enlarge)

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