Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Day 1

 The girls have had the same room decor since they were born except for a bed updates. They have been asking for purple walls so we compromised and agreed to paint one of the walls purple. Which actually works well since the other walls are green and their bedding is purple and green. Plus there is a mural of the claddagh symbol that we painted on the wall for the nursery and Brian and I are not really to paint over it just yet.

Today I put the girls to work... they were so excited to help paint. They loved it! I on the other hand I was a bit stressed and had to hold myself back from jumping in and taking over. They actually did do a pretty good job, I did not have to do too much touch up.

Later I pulled almost everything out of their room, wow... were was all this junk hiding! We will need to go through all this junk before any of it goes back into their room. 

Photos of the finished room coming later this week.

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