Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Fantastic Mr. Pops

This past Christmas Brian (aka Pops) and I agreed not to spend a lot on each other. Our big gift for the house was a gas buring fireplace and new windows for the front of the house, that was plenty!

I did ask Brian to make me a jewelry holder. I had seen something like it online and knew it was something he could make with very little money ( just the cost of the hooks). The weeks before Christmas went by and he never mentioned it and I never saw him in the garage painting so I thought for sure he had forgotten about it. He's the type of guy that you need to remind him several times to do things.

Christmas morning arrived and I was so surprised to open my awesome new jewelry holder, I really can't believe that he remembered, and it was perfect! No more tangled necklaces, I can see them all and it makes me so happy.

Mr. Pops... you are fantastic!

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