Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Please come see me

Last Thursday I got this email from Amelia's teacher:
Subject: Please come see me
  Well, I got a very interesting little note on the top of Amelia's letter to the teacher. Please stop by my class as soon as you can. I'm having an OMG moment! I would talk to her about it, but I want to talk to you first!!
Stacey W.

I went in to see the teacher very worried, this sure did not sound good! But Amelia has always been a good kid. The teacher handed me this...  double click to view it full size and read the tiny note at the very top of the letter.

Yeah... this was from a second grader to her teacher! Ugh!!!

After I talked to the teacher, both of us shocked, this is so unlike Amelia. I called my husband to tell him of Amelia's note. He thought she probably meant to write "stop giving me this sheet".  When we got home from school I had Amelia read the note to me to see how she would read it and she did say "sheet". 

I casually asked her to spell sheet and she spelled it the way she wrote it on the letter. I told her that was wrong and she tried again "shet". I told her that's closer and told her to correct way to spell sheet. 

Whew!... this is one time I am so thankful she miss spelled a word.

Either way she should not have written that note and there was an apology note on the next letter to the teacher.

Another funny memory to share with Amelia's future spouse!

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Cindy said...

I am so glad you saved that so you can show it to her when she is older. She will be mortified! I still can't help but laugh every time I see that sentence written by sweet Amelia! :-)