Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What the?... Jinx's Book Store

 My best friend Edna (in above photo with a baby in her tummy) and I went to a bed and breakfast a few weekend ago for a much needed girl's getaway weekend. We stopped in the few shops they had in this small Missouri town and Jinx's Books store was one of them. We took two steps into the used book store and were totally shocked at the disarray of books.
 Edna and I gave each other glances, we were both thinking the same thing... oh my goodness... what the? Books were stacked in every corner with almost no order to them, boxes of books over flowing! Then we went up the book covered stairs and couldn't believe our eyes, there was almost no place to walk, books were all over the floor! It was a bit like walking into a hoarders house.
The small OCD part of me wanted to sit there all day and organized the books, I just did not understand how it could look like that! Jinx, which is a cat, followed us around the store looking to get petted. It's a shame really, it could really be a charming little book store.

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