Thursday, July 21, 2011

Berlin Wall

During Edna and my girl's weekend we went to the National Churchill Museum, which is a state of the art museum. We were both very impressed with the design, look, layout and content of the museum. It's a must see if you are anywhere near Fulton, MO. Truthfully I did not know much about Winston Churchill but he did live a fascinating life.
Outside the museum there was a large piece, about 20 yards, of the Berlin wall. I was shocked to see how thin it was. I remember in 1989 watching the news of the wall being torn down with hammers and chisels. I always thought it was about 2 ft wide but it's only about 8 inches.

Painted all over the wall was the word "un Wohr" which I looked up and is German for "untruths".  I thought this was a neat piece of history to be able to see and touch.

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birds_nest said...

I went to Westminster :) The Churchill bells get old after a while :)