Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What we're eating - Cocomotion

We received Cocomotion about 8 years ago as a Christmas gift and at first we really didn't want it because we have a small kitchen and not a lot of room for extra appliances. I have to store many of my items like my crock pot, bunt pans, etc. that I don't use daily downstairs in the basement.

But I have to say we have defiantly grown to love Cocomotion!!! It makes the best hot coco ever! You just add the milk and the coco powder, push the button and after about 3 minutes you have hot coco at the perfect temperature (you can drink it right away)! I never burns the coco and is always mixed perfectly!

We use it all winter and every time we come in from playing in the snow it for sure comes out. The girls love it! I know we'll always have a spot for Cocomotion!

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Sikes Family said...

Sounds yummy!