Monday, March 14, 2011

Memory Monday - Our House

We've lived in this house for almost 10 years now and I remember the second day I saw it. Brian and I had been house hunting for almost a year and having a hard time finding the perfect house. We had been through many houses with our realtor and we also went to the Sunday open houses on our own. One Sunday we saw a listing "for sale by owner" in the paper and decided to drive by.

As we drove down the street we realized it was the same street that Brian's friend lived on, then looking at the house numbers we pulled up and realized it was his friend house! We did not know they were going to move! We went in and got a tour from Skip (we had been over to their house one time for dinner). We knew right away this was the house for us... you really do get a gut feeling that it's a good match. We called our realtor and she agreed to help us with the sale even thought it was for sale by owner. It was a little bit odd buying a house from a friend... and they did have another offer the same day we put in an offer, both for the full asking price.

Needless to say... we got the house and have been so happy with it and our lovely street of neighbors. Now that we have two kids I do feel the need for one more room but I can't see us moving anytime soon. The house was built in 1941 and from what I hear a family with 6 kids lived here! I guess if they were able to fit 8 people in 1,500 sq ft we can fit 4 in our little home sweet home.

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