Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day!

My two monkeys came sneaking into our bedroom Sunday morning and yelled... "Happy Presidents day" with the same tone and excitement you would say Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. I had to burst their bubble and tell them that it wasn't until tomorrow. So this morning I got the same morning greeting... "Happy Presidents Day!"

I'm not sure what they thought today would bring, I think Amelia was excited because she has a play date set at her friends house today. It was nice to sleep in a little bit.

Don't you just love this light box table! We saw it a the contemporary museum of art, I love it and already have plans to build one for the living room! Brian did get a nail gun for Christmas and I know he wants a project to work on.... maybe? He also thought the table was cool, so I'm adding it to our "to do" list.

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