Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anna - silly again

Anna loves to be silly and LOVES to quote lines from movies. It's amazing the things they pick out and remember. I think Brian snapped this photo of her wearing the broken lens piece of binoculars. Fun thing... they like the broken piece better that the toy as a whole. This photo of Anna reminded me of Edna from The Incredibles.

Her latest movie quote, told at dinner tonight.

Anna: hey Pops remember Mrs. Potato head says "here's is a crayon if your bored.
Amelia: no she said pencil.
Anna: no she said crayon.

I guess we need to watch Toy Story 3 again to find out.

By the way, we do not watch that much TV... really! The girls only get one movie a week at our family Friday movie night and one 1/2 hour show a day after school. And because they don't watch a lot they really love Friday movie night, I think it's their favorite night of the week!

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