Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Brian had the week off after Christmas so be planned fun events for each day.

MONDAY: The girls first trip rollerskating. Amelia kept falling but she never stopped, she skated for almost 2 hours straight and was finally getting the hang of it by the end. Anna liked when I held her under her arms and pushed her around the ring. My arms were sore the next day from holding them up. They loved it and keep asking when they can go again.

Yes, I made them wear helmets, we were the only ones. But the way they kept falling I was glad I did, less worrying I did. But I think next time we will leave them at home.

TUESDAY: We met my friend and her family for lunch then went to their house to see their newly finished basement ... which I am very jealous of, it was so nicely done!

WEDNESDAY: Bowling... Anna got to bring one of her best buddies. Then we went to Lubeley's bakery and all picked out a big sugar cookie, yum!

THURSDAY: We took the kids to Skyzone, Amelia got to bring her friend Aubry. They bounced themselves silly.

FRIDAY: New Year's Eve with our neighbors.

It was a great staycation... now back to the routine.

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