Friday, January 7, 2011

Amelia-isms - Boobs

Scene: I was driving the girls home.

Amelia: Does having a baby give you boobies?

Me (chuckling): No you get breast when you are a teenager, but sometimes your boobs do get bigger when you are pregnant.

Amelia: Oh, I thought the baby inside did this (she punched her two fists forward), bam bam and poked them out.

Anna: laughing

Amelia: Then the baby takes it's fingers like this (she holds her fingers to poke) and pokes the nipples out.

Anna: more laughing

Me (laughing): No the baby can't do that.

They don't even hear me, they are both laughing so hard and pretending to poke out some boobies and nipples.

photo: The girls at their first Cheer/Dance class.

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